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<a href="http://www.artandvision.com">Mythica Art & Vision</a> - Mystical watercolor paintings & dreamlike fiction rooted in mythology, archetypes & the divine feminine. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, goddesses, angels & fairies in a vivid, aqueous, "asian" style. Prints & gifts available.

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sacred arts
visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, art & healing galleries, resources, webzines that have an emphasis on the sacred, spiritual, religious, mythic or archetypal impulse

myth, archetype & the spirit

myth, legends & folktales, archetypal psychology, goddess revival, earth-based spirituality, comparative religion, mystical & metaphysical, wholistic healing, spiritual directories & search engines

earth & ecofeminism
non-profit earth & ecofeminist organizations & webzines

art supplies, galleries, museums & webzines

women's resources

graphic links

a collection of graphical links to a variety of places, including artists & galleries

web circles

humorous & eclectic collection