I really like living spartanly and I have way too much junk at this point! It was easier not to collect so much when I lived on the road. I would like to live on the road again, at some point, but with a little more room in my living space (uh, a tiny Toyota is a little cramped!) I do love the feeling of being free & untethered to a place. I have often dreamed of feeling a sense of community somewhere. This is kind of happening where I am now, but I have felt disappointment in this so often, that I have pretty much let the dream go. I find that, in the U.S. at least, this is not often a dream that other people cherish, that many want to isolate themselves within their own little insular world - that they are content or stuck just having their romantic relationship, their job, their partying on Saturday nights. I do like feeling a sense of roots in such a beautiful area where I bump into so many interesting people, but I think I need to live on the road at least half of the time, so that I do not become too enmired in a rut. I also dream of one day having a little house next to some wild parkland and having a garden that I can entwine with art. I don't really love the fact that we see land as something to parcel off and privatize, but I have not had the most positive experiences with intentional community living, either. Perhaps my independence & idiosyncratic nature gets in the way of my own dreams. I have an Aquarius moon, and the sign of Aquarius is notoriously independent & unconventional. My moon sign constantly battles it out with my sun influence - Libra - and it's opposite - Leo, which is my rising sign.

I have one foot in the future and one foot in the present. Right now, I am tying up the loose ends of my website, working on an illustrated novel, and working on the finishing touches of a children's book I collaborated on with a friend, so that we can submit it to a publisher. I also practice my yoga, dance, swim, hike & meditate as often as possible. If you've reached this far, thanks for reading! I should have given a warning in the beginning: I like to write! Everything I write often ends up way too long. :-)

- Katharina Woodworth, February 2001


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