| online galleries & webzines |
Adirondack Art Gallery - Discover paintings, photographs & home furnishings created by a variety of talented artists from the Adirondack mountains.
The Alternative Museum - Online non-profit museum of the visual arts.
Art Crawl

Artcyclopedia - The guide to museum-quality art.
Art Expo
Arte Network - Online gallery of fine artists from around the world.
Art Links - Every day this wonderful site selects a new artist, gallery, museum & resource to share with viewers.
Art Marketing
Art Promote - A great site to check out more artists!
ArtQuest - Fine art for everyone.
Bella Decor
The Craft Emporium
Crafter's Community
Curious Connection - An up-and-coming online gallery that features some amazing artists. They are presently searching for artists, so if you are one, submit your work!
Digital Consciousness - A wonderful resource for artists & appreciators alike!
Drawing & Painting Guide -  Free drawing and painting VidBook lessons - with text, photos and streaming video.
Fine Art Nude - The Best In Nude Art!
The Internet Art Database - A searchable database dedicated to efficiently classifying art on the Internet.
Inner Art - Monthly webzine on the arts.
Internet Art Resources - The collectorÕs guide to the visual arts!
Left Coast Art Vitual Gallery
MadCrazy - Links to other fine art resources.
Page Abramova - Page Abramova Interests specializes in bringing the finest quality Russian Art and Fabrics to the United States. Many of our artists are established and well known in Russia, but have not yet been discovered by the West, offering a unique value.
Quantum Muse - Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...
Quetzalcoatl - Fine Art by Amedeo Felix - Portfolio site of Fine Artist Amedeo Felix, containing artwork and critical writings from degree at Southampton Institute. "I grew up in a household where the provider, my mother, was an artist..."
SeaCrest Trading Company - Philippines Handicrafts - Specializing in handicraft products from the Philippines. Unique and unusual import gifts. Shellcraft, wood carvings, bamboo, and more. US Based.
Signs of Wood, Co. - Personalized 3 dimensional wood signs for gifts and business. Over 180 art center to choose from and your custom wording make for a truly personalized and unique gift.
Vesnin Hram Virtual Art Gallery - Visit a new art gallery that houses some spectacular art & writing. If you're an artist or writer, there's still room available to submit your work, and it's free, out of the kindness and generosity of Marko Puschner.
Women Artists in History
World Wide Arts Resources - The world's largest gateway to arts information.

| art supplies |
Atlascopy - Printing supplies for the artist, great prices & service. This is where I get my printing supplies from.
Craftopia -
Joann -
Mister Art - Save hundreds on art supplies - the lowest prices on the web.
Woods-N-Crafts-On-Line - Wholesale craft, hardware & woodworking supplies.

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