Please don't steal these images or offer them as free clip-art. It's hard enough to make a living as an artist & it breaks my heart to see people recklessly stealing and using people's hard-earned images all over the web and beyond. All images found at this site are Katharina Woodworth - Mythica Art & Vision. Images are protected using embedded watermarks. Besides, it's illegal and punishable by up to $100,000 in federal fines and imprisonment to use or view the works on this site in any other manner. Any other use without the express and prior written consent of the copyright owner, Katharina Woodworth, is a violation of the law and is theft of services. Violations can be monitored via usage logs, and violators may be charged an access fee of $50 per image per access in violation of the above. Please let me know if you see anyone on the web not following the above requests.

Using the Art Here: You may use art found here for non-commercial purposes so long as the images are NOT ALTERED in any way, and credit is given at the site with a link back to Mythica Art & Vision.