09.26.2002 - I am going to be selling at a booth at two holiday festivals in Oregon this November. I will be sharing a booth with my incredible artist friend Nemo at the Eugene Holiday Food & Gift Festival from Friday, November 1st through Sunday, November 3rd. Tickets cost $5.00 for adults, but I have many $1 off coupons for the show, so please email me at how many coupons you would like and for which show (both is ok too), and I will mail them to you. I am going to be doing Portland's Holiday Food and Gift Festival the next weekend with my photographer friend Mark LeNord, November 8th through 10th (Friday through Sunday), and I again have $1 off coupons that I can mail interested individuals. Anyway, I hope to see you there!

Had a show opening the other week on the very auspicious day of Friday the 13th...Actually, it is the Goddess' day, according to Barbara Walker...since there are 13 months in a lunar year and Friday is the day of the Norse goddess Freya. But it didn't turn out that well for me. I burned my hand really badly and then the turnout for the show was very slow. But that's ok, it could have been worse. My artwork is still on display at the Inner Balance Center/The Isis Institute at 1068 I Street, in Arcata, California, across the street from the Northcoast Co-op and Los Bagels. It will be shown until October 30th. Prints are for sale there.

08.07.2002 - I've been very, very busy as I've left my day job at The Digest and am going to start traveling around the country starting tomorrow, getting my work in stores and doing shows. A few shows are on the horizon, I will update this site soon. Please still write me at my email address and I have my prints with me so I can always mail things out a.s.a.p. I promise the prints will get out to you within a few days. P.S. - If you get a chance, watch Minority Report (it's still in theaters I think- and no, actually I'm not a Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fan, but I was impressed!) and Moulin Rouge....Minority Report is a very taut sci-fi flick based on a Phillip K. Dick novel (Bladerunner) and Moulin Rouge (on dvd and video) is a phantasmagorical absurd collage of music, beautiful visuals and a sweet love story.

07.12.2002 - I've run my preliminary designs past a few friends and it was a unanimous vote for the Scriptina font.....Working on that this weekend, along with a catalog for reps and finishing up my greeting card design....

07.11.2002 - I really need everyone's help. I'm in the process of redesigning this site, and I'm at a crossroads. I would like to hear your feedback. Would anyone interested please check this page with the ancient script font and this page with scriptina font and tell me which they prefer? I've set up a little quizlet here so that it is easier to respond. If you have the time and would like to say something in more detail please feel free to write me at . Thank you very, very much!

07.08.2002 - I hope my American audience had a happy 4th of July weekend.....Well, recovered from one cold only to get another harsh one...It's slowed me down but hasn't stopped me. On a brighter note, I just watched an amazing movie the other day - Vanilla Sky - it was very, very strange and beautiful. I'd give it a 10. It was very well done. The acting seemed a little corny at first but then the characters became more believable and less caricaturish. If you haven't seen it, definitely watch it! It's out on video/dvd. Don't get frustrated if you don't know what's going on after awhile. It was very confusing but does resolve itself masterfully. I was surprised by the quality since it came out of Hollywood, but it was based on a foreign flick, Abre Los Ojos, which I haven't seen yet.

07.03.2002 - Thank you to all who made the Haight St. Fair so much fun and such a success! I just recovered from a really stubborn cold that I caught from the show and am busy organizing my portfolios for reps, working on new paintings, still redesigning my website and trying out my illustrations on cards. Happy Independence Day to all U.S. citizens...I'm sure it's going to be a really patriotic one, after September 11th...It sounds cheesy, but I just pray for the world to come together, in more love and peace.

06.03.2002 - I'm going to be at the Haight St. Fair in San Francisco this weekend, on Sunday, June 9th, from 11 am to 5:30 pm. I'm going to be selling lots of new pieces, including a line of astrological art and more dragons, which I will be putting online soon. It's going to be a fun festival, as I'm sharing a booth with my good friend, Mark LeNord, who's an amazing photographer (check out his site here) and am going down with another great artist, Nemo (check out his site here). I'm not sure which booth I'm at yet, but to find out more information or directions to the show, please check out the Haight St. Fair website.

12.17.01 - I'd like to announce the astrological services of Mary Ellen Massena. Mary Ellen is an incredibly gifted astrological and psychic reader. She prevented one of her clients from getting on the flight that hit the first World Trade Center Tower on September 11th. She's done a few readings for me and has proven to be very accurate! I'm currently finishing a project of 12 zodiac paintings for her astrological products business, Massena Productions. You can visit her website at Massena Productions or contact her at massenaproductions@hotmail.com if you want to request a reading. They make great Christmas gifts!

I've had so little time to update the website lately. My life has changed in many forms. My boyfriend just moved up to Canada, I moved out of my house, I've been selling off possessions, and I've been busy with various commissioned projects. But I will share with you all the art I've been creating and post it on the website soon, I promise! :-) I am also moving my site over to http://www.aquafemina.com and changing my business name to aquafemina. Artandvision.com is going to be a joint venture of contemporary design, web design and multimedia services. I haven't had the time to create links for holiday sales yet, and since I am taking off to visit family for the next two weeks, I will have to create some post-holiday sales! I will also be including a zoom feature on my new-and-improved website, because the small images on the screen don't do them ample justice.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

10.20.01 - We are selling the only portrait of Carlos Castaneda in existence! It is here at www.artandvision.com/castaneda. Carlos Castaneda didn't like photos taken of him, so there are only a handful of images of him as an adult. This is the ONLY portrait made of him, and Castaneda said publicly: "The portrait of myself that appeared in Psychology Today is the only good likeness that ever appeared." What makes this powerful image even more valuable is that Castaneda smeared it with his own hand! We are also selling a leather-bound, signed, 1st edition copy of The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda. The portrait and book are being auctioned on eBay until Monday, October 29th, 2001. Go here for the portrait and here for the book.

10.19.01 - Sorry it's been so long everyone. My life has been so busy that I've had a hard time doing much on the web! But there is more to come soon, I promise.

04.10.01 - My art is featured in the gallery section of the new Spring 2001 issue of Lamhfada!

04.09.01 - Sorry for the delay in writing, I've been working on so much! I'm nearly done with a new, more navigable store and features to zoom in on my images. Also nearly done with my designs page.

03.11.01 - There's some new work up at my friends' gallery. Jaynee Levy-Polis has honored me by letting me put her spontaneous explosions of line and vibrant color up. Her work is really intuitive and whimsical. You'd have fun looking at it!

02.25.01 - Just put up an essay about the goddess Aphrodite that I wrote for the Artemis Arrow. Oh, forgot to mention my little essay that's accessed through the home page, Saving Hemp & Ignorance.

02.23.01 - Hi all you cyberfriends! Wow, I've been so busy, I can hardly remember what I've done lately....Oh yeah, I just added a poll so I could get some feedback from you all about what you like best about this site. I also added a search engine because I know this site is getting a little too big...I also fixed the "tell a friend" section, so anything you send should work fine now. I'm in the process of revising the text links at the bottom of every page so that it is easier to navigate. Oh, and you can now sign up to be alerted by email every time this page changes! (see above)

We had some scare - Mark found an open wound on Zena, his long-haired cat. We rushed her to the emergency clinic (these things always happen over the weekends, don't they?) and she got all stitched up. Her stitches came out in about a day, though, so we had to get her stitched up again. Now it looks like they are coming out again....More kitty newz: I have poison oak all over my face! I think I got it from one of the cats....My face itches...All I can say is calamine lotion is a blessing. :-)

02.16.01 - Finished another friends' gallery, this time the very talented Reinhard Schmid. Go take a look!

02.12..01 - I just completed the artist/my world section & it has a longer bio, photos of friends & family & the beginnings of a friend's gallery.

12.04.00 - My writings page is now updated & has a healthy amount of fiction & nonfiction by me.

11.30.00 - The paintings gallery is credit-card enabled! Just in time for the holidays. :-) Soon, the photo gallery will be as well & some images will be available on mugs, t-shirts & mousepads.

11.29.00 - Added a few images to the hybrids/mixed media gallery.

11.01.00 - I have added a few new images to the painting gallery. I've also improved the gallery's aesthetic appearance. I've changed the pricing info on the order form. I now offer free shipping! There are also many new links to sacred art & mythology.

10.17.00 - Second issue of Lunesence.

09.17.00 - The behind-the-scenes page is pretty much finished.

09.13.00 - First issue of Lunesence.

08.25.00 - Now any pc/internet explorer surfer can "bookmark this page" from my site, and any surfer can "tell a friend" about art & vision or link to art & vision from their own site by picking one of the art & vision banners.

08.24.00 - Now art & vision will fade in and out when changing pages. At least, for the pc/internet explorer people anyway. (Sorry everyone else! Which includes me, because I work on a mac. :-) ) I like the "magical" kind of effect anyway & hope it is not too much of a "bell & whistle". I love websites that help give a sense of being a new "universe" & I strive to make art & vision a little "world" of its own - yet connected - a place where people can come & feel a sense of sacred space. I wish there were more sacred spaces in this world.

08.23.00 - Designed a few .gif and .jpg banners for art & vision that I can use for link exchanges, etc. On the "link from your site" link.

08.22.00 - Re-created my link design & made sure every little teeny-tiny link worked & didn't bring up that 404 error not found thingamabob. Also, created a new home page so as to not "dunk" viewers into lotsa text about my art & my vision right away - to let them choose it.

08.21.00 - Shrank all the top banners and further optimized some images because the pages were downloading too slowly.

07.16.00 - A new & improved overall design.

10.16.99 - A prototype of Aquafemina site is up. Well around then, anyhow...