. but be silent .

Women need to scream. Women need to rant. Women need to cry, shout, talk, babble. Do anything but be silent. One myth that struck me most deeply was the Greek story of Procne and Philomel. Philomel was abducted and raped by Procne's husband, who then ripped her tongue out to keep her from screaming for help. I have often been silenced by those around me—ridiculed by boys or my mother or even silently torn down by girl peers. Also like the author, I fell mute and subsequently, submissive. I had one solace: writing. It was writing in which I soared, sang my deepest lows. I could say anything to my diary, subvert anything but still transmit my message in a story. I was safe. It was writing that later gave me (and gives me) the strength to speak up, and so, change my world. Nothing can happen without a voice. It is imperative to respect that voice, in oneself and others. There is no power for the voiceless.

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