Issue #1 - September 2000
Issue #2 - October 2000

Lunazine is a free ezine published every full moon & delivered to your email account. Every month will feature a new website, quote, book & essay related to mythology, archetypal psychology, the divine feminine & their threads through society & our inner journeys. This is in the tradition of Joseph Campbell, living myth, and the symbolic ways of looking at myths and religions, in the tradition of Jungian study. Lunazine will also keep those interested updated on what is new at Mythica Art & Vision.

Update! 3.02.2001 - I have become so busy with the work on this site that I have to temporarily change the monthly publication to a somewhat more random publication time. Hopefully, when things quiet down a little and I finish filling in the rest of my site, Lunazine will be delivered again on it's regular lunar schedule. Sorry to all of you who are expecting something every month. Lunazine will be coming shortly! I also wanted to add that I send emails to those on my email list very, very sparingly, because I understand what it's like to get your inbox inundated with emails!

All you have to do is email me at Your Email Address Will Not Be Given to Anyone.

Privacy statement - Mythica Art & Vision guarantees that your email address and other private information will be kept confidential and will not be sold or handed out to anyone under any circumstances. Your information will be used solely for the purpose of sending out an ezine on spiritual topics & announcing new Mythica Art & Vision updates.

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